@trumpet Hi there! This is a personal instance for just me, and I've added the rules currently used by y'all. I'd love to be approved for relay.

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@jack Hello! I've added your instance to the approval list so you should be able to add the relay now 🙂

@trumpet Awesome, thanks! 😀

Just added it, still seeing approval required, but I assume it's not entirely instant

@jack It's usually fairly quick but not always. It's important that it's added _after_ it's put on the approval list, so might be worth removing and adding again.

@trumpet Just re-added it, I'll see if that kicks it into gear in a minute.

@trumpet Interesting, just readded it again, still seeing 401 in Sidekiq:

Mastodon::UnexpectedResponseError: relay.mas.to/inbox returned code 401

@jack Hmm, the relay might be playing up again. It's been quite temperamental recently.

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